Rainbow Chard Seeds, Swiss Chard Rainbow from Walnut Creek Gardens

Swiss Chard Rainbow

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Swiss Chard is a beautiful garden green and looks wonderful in any garden. This very nutritious vegetable is easy to grow and is one of the few greens that tolerates both cool weather and heat.

In this Rainbow Chard Seed packet you will get a mixture of four colorful chards:
Golden Sunrise - holds color well to maturity, prolific. 
Magenta Sunset - very tender, heat tolerant. 
White Cloud - snow white, tasty and crunchy at maturity. 
Ruby Red- beautiful red stems, heat tolerant.

Open Pollinated. 

Start planting early, as soon as soil reaches 50°F. Sow in a loose well-drained soil. Swiss chard can be started in flats and replanted into its permanent spot in a full sun or partly shaded areas.

A spring planting will go on producing through spring, summer, and fall. In mild climates, can be used for fall and winter gardening. 

Mulching will keep the soil cool and moist, increasing the yield. 

Try growing with such companions as tomatoes, cabbages, beansradishes, and celery, just keep in mind that chard plants are large when mature, so plant in a way that they do not crowd smaller plants.

Days to Maturity: 35-60
Plant Height: 21-26"
Leaf Type: Light to dark, smooth to curmpled
Stem Type: Narrow to broad.