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Beet Golden

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Golden Beets are simply the beet cultivar which is lacking that vibrant red pigment. It has a succulent, delightful flavor and the tops steamed or boiled are highly nutritious and spinach-like. Golden beets are very sweet and don't bleed like red beets.

Golden beet is fairly frost tolerant. You can sow seeds directly or start them indoors. Optimal soil temps for beet germination are between 50-86 F.

Sow thinly, 1-2 inches apart and about 1/2 inch deep. Water well. Thin to 2-4 inches when plants are 2 inches tall. The best way to thin is to cut the smaller plant off the root, without disturbing neighboring beets. And you can use the trimmings on your salad, they are delicious!

Harvest early - best eaten when the beet is between golf and tennis ball size.

Open Pollinated.


Days to Maturity: 56