Beans French Flageolet
Beans French Flageolet

Beans French Flageolet

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  • Phaseolus vulgaris. Heirloom. Open Pollinated. 65 days. Bush Type.
  •  Used exclusively by the better restaurants of France, served wherever French gourmets gather.  
  • This bean can be used fresh shelled or dried. Light green at harvest, beans dry with tinges of white.  
  • To savor their superb flavor the pale jade flageolet beans must be eaten as fresh shelled beans.  It is hard to say what a Frenchman would do if you served him roast leg of lamb without the usual side dish of flageolet beans sauteed in butter, with a sprig of thyme.

Planting Directions:  Direct sow in spring after frost danger has passed and soil temperature is a minimum of 60˚, 70˚ is optimum. Plant 1”to 2” deep, 4-6” apart.  Cultivate soil incorporating compost or a low nitrogen general purpose fertilizer.  Keep soil moist until seed germinates, after that water moderately and regularly until harvest.  Provide trellis for pole beans; bush beans do not need a trellis. After each picking water deep to prolong production. We recommend using a legume inoculant when planting.