Bean Roma

Bean Roma

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Long, wide, flat-podded Italian-style green beans on lush bush-type plants. This variety is slow to fiber. High yield, produces lots of pods. Buff seed, very flavorful. 

Sow Roma bean seeds in rows 24 inches apart, 3 inches apart and cover with 2 inches of fine soil. Firm lightly and water gently. Sow after the soil has warmed, as seeds may not germinate in cooler soils. Thin plants to 12 inches apart when seedlings are about 1-2 inches high.

In dry weather, keep soil well-watered. Plants need about 1 inch of rain per week during the growing season. 

Open Pollinated.

Days to Maturity: 55-59
Pod Color: Medium Green
Pod Shape: Smooth Flat
Pod Length: 5"
Plant Height: 16-18"