Cranberry Bean Seeds from Walnut Creek Gardens
Cranberry Bean Seeds from Walnut Creek Gardens

Bean Cranberry

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Cranberry Bean is a tender annual. This heirloom horticultural bean variety is dating back to the mid-1800s. It produces long (avg. 6") pods with bright red mottling, very pretty, the seeds are buff mottled with cranberry. There are five to six seeds per pod.

These beans can be used dry or green shelled. When fresh, the beans are red and pink streaked. The flavor is delicate.

Bush habit, but if you have space, grow it on a trellis for a better yield. 

Direct sow in a sunny location once the soil reached 65°F, the beans will rot in colder temperature. Make successive plantings for continuous production.

Provide sufficient water, especially through harvest time to increase production. Avoid overhead watering.


Days to Maturity: 60-90
Pod Color: Bright Red Mottling
Pod Length: 6"