Corn Glass Gem Seeds

Corn Glass Gem

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The most beautiful corn you can grow. A vivid mix of rainbow-colored, translucent kernels.  Harvest when husks are dry and brown for the most intense color. 

Stalks have 2–3 ears each and average 6'. 110–120 days.

Corn is a wind-pollinated crop. The most common cause of poorly filled ears is poor pollination. For this reason, if you have a small garden, consider planting in a block four or five rows across, sowing your seeds 1-2 inches deep every 9 - 12 inches. Firm the soil after planting so there is good seed-to-soil contact and maintain even soil moisture during the crucial germination period. Use fresh seed for your planting. Corn seed is relatively short-lived and spotty germination will result in poor pollination.